Why wasn't my trash picked up?

  • Your trash was not out early enough (please have it out by 5 am)
  • It's a holiday, or there is extremely bad weather that prevents our trucks from reaching your house
  • There is a past due balance on your account. Please call us or use Bill Pay to make payment online.
  • We made a mistake.
  • There is something in your tote that we can't take.

Can you pick up really large items or large piles of trash that I have at my house?

Yes, you can call us to request a quote, but we will need a picture of what you need to be picked up. For your convenience, you may request a special pickup online. You can describe and upload a photo of the item to be picked up so we can provide an accurate quote to you.

Do you have a list of things you can't pick up?

Following is a list of common things we get asked about. We cannot take these materials in the residential trash:

  • Tires: Take them to Riley County Transfer Station. They will charge $2.00 per tire.
  • Hazardous Materials (paint, chemicals, oil, fuel, etc.): In general, anything that's liquid. Bring these materials to our Recycling Center on the second Saturday of the month or to the Riley County Hazardous Waste Facility (more information).
  • Railroad Ties: Take them to the Riley County Transfer Station and more information.

What about appliances?

We accept appliances at our Recycling Center. See our Recycling Center about the material we accept or our Waste Disposal Guide for more information. 

What about TVs and electronic waste?

CRT TVs/monitors cannot be picked up on the curb. Please bring them to our Recycling Center for disposal. There is no charge for flat-screen TVs. The following charges apply for CRT TVs/monitors: less than 19" – $20.00; greater than 19" – $40.00. Please see our Electronic (E-waste) division for a complete list of materials that we accept or refer to our Waste Disposal Guide for more information.

Why are there extra charges on my invoice?

You may have two bags in addition to your tote for weekly pickup at no extra fee. You will see additional charges on your invoice if you have additional bags or other large items that were picked up (i.e., mattresses, grills, or furniture). Please contact us if you will have extra bulk to be picked up, and we can quote you a price ahead of time. You can do this by calling our office or requesting a quote online.

How do I suspend, cancel, or relocate my service?

If you are going out of town for a while and do not need service while you are gone, we can put you on a Vacation Hold. We won't stop at your house, and we won't charge you while you're gone. Just let us know when you're going to be back in town, and we'll resume your service with no extra charges. To suspend, relocate, or cancel your service, please call our office or submit your request online.

What if I lose my trash or recycling tote in the wind?

Please give it a couple of days to see if it turns up. If not, please give us a call. Depending on the circumstances, additional charges may apply. But, we know it gets windy and stormy in Kansas, and we do our best to accommodate our customers.

What size of dumpsters do you have for commercial trash services?

We have 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8-yard dumpsters. To learn more about capacities and uses for each size, please see Commercial Trash.

I'm not sure what dumpster I need for the odd shape and location of my area. Can someone come out and look to see what I need? 

Yes, we will come out and do a no-obligation site visit. We have front-load and rear-load dumpsters. We have dumpsters on wheels that can be rolled out of enclosures. We have a solution for every situation. Just request a quote online, and we'll get back to you right away to discuss options.

What can I put in my dumpster?   

We accept all regular trash in the dumpster. This trash includes food wastes, routine household waste, and commercial materials. The prohibited items are: Glass, any hazardous waste (oils, fuels, chemicals, paints, tires, etc.) Please contact us if you have any questions about a particular material for disposal or check our Waste Disposal Guide

How often can my dumpster be serviced?   

We can service as few as two times per month and as many as six times per week. Let us know your needs, and we can take care of you!

In addition to Trash Service, what other services can you offer us?

We also offer commingled recycling and cardboard pickup service in Manhattan and Wamego. Please call us for more information about these services or request a quote online.

I have a sizeable clean-out project coming up at my business, and I know it will overflow my dumpster. Can I get an extra pickup for my commercial dumpster? 

Yes, we do this all the time. Please call us or send us a quote request online, and we'll get back to you right away to get everything set up to get you taken care of.

What sizes of roll-off dumpsters do you offer?

We offer 20, 30, and 40-yard dumpsters. All three are 21' long and 8' feet wide. The 20-yard is 4 feet tall. The 30-yard is 6 feet tall. The 40-yard is 7 ½ feet tall.

Can I order a roll-off dumpster online?

Absolutely! Just request a quote online, and we'll get in touch with you to get everything set up.

How do I order a roll-off dumpster?

All first-time customers must set up an account with us. Set up is a simple process that is done quickly over the phone. You will need to place a credit card on your account to be billed. Established customers need to call in or submit a roll-off service request, and we'll get back to you to complete your order.

What can be put in the roll-off dumpster?

Household waste, steel, concrete, construction debris, cardboard, brush, and trees are all acceptable. Dependent on the material, prices may vary. See Roll-Off Dumpsters for more information.

What kind of materials are not allowed in the roll-off dumpster?

The prohibited items are hazardous waste (oils, fuels, chemicals, paints, tires, etc.) and railroad ties.

How long can I keep the dumpster?

You can keep the dumpster for 30 days. After 30 days, a $150 per month rental fee will be charged to your account.

What is your service area?

We generally serve an area of a 60-mile radius from Manhattan. , If you're on this borderline, please call us at (785) 776-8352, and we'll let you know if we can service your needs.

Can we place the dumpster on the street?

Inside the city of Manhattan, you will need a permit for street delivery and set up. There are no permits required outside city limits, and we can set the dumpster where you request. 

What time will the dumpster be dropped off?

Every day we make over 100 box deliveries. Consequently, we have a very busy daily schedule and cannot provide an exact time for delivery. However, when you complete your order, we will ask when you need your box, and we'll do our best to meet your request. 

How soon can I get a roll-off dumpster?

Our goal is to provide next-day service for all orders placed by 2:00 pm. This is not guaranteed, but we strive to meet this goal. Please plan accordingly if you are in immediate need of a roll-off dumpster.

Do we have to call Howie's to get the dumpster pulled for the final time when we're done with it?

Yes, if we do not pull it within 30 days , you must call us to get the dumpster pulled for the last time.

I'm interested in a large trash compactor for my business. Where do I get information about this?

We have information under Commercial Trash Compactors. Please email us or simply call us at (785) 776-8352, and we'll be glad to speak with you about this.

What are the Recycling Center hours?

See Contact Us.

When does Hazardous Waste come to Howie's?

Riley County Hazardous Waste comes out on the 2nd Saturday of each month,8:00 am to Noon.

What recyclables do you accept?

Glass, cardboard, plastic number 1 and 2, steel cans, office paper, newspaper, magazines, and household batteries. We also buy all metals, including steel, aluminum cans, scrap, copper, brass, stainless steel, radiators, electric motors, batteries, lead, wheel weights, and catalytic converters. If you have something other than these materials, give us a call or see our Waste Disposal Guide.

For specific information about the sale of non-ferrous materials, please refer to our policies section, as new laws went into effect in July 2020, that govern our purchase of these materials.

Can I drop my trash off at Howie's?

No. Sign up for Howie's Trash Service online and we'll come to pick it up!.

Or you can take it to the Riley County Transfer Station, 1881 Henton Road, Manhattan, KS  66502, (785) 565-6290.

Do I have to sort my recycling?

Yes, we have convenient sorting bins for all your materials. Just follow the signage, and it won't take you long at all.

I'm not always able to come down to the Recycling Center. What does your curbside recycling service cost?

$10 per month. To order curbside recycling service: new customer or existing customer.

Do you take electronics (e-waste) and old TVs?

 Yes, we do. CRT TVs/monitors cannot be picked up on the curb. Please bring them to our Recycling Center for disposal. There is no charge for flat-screen TVs. The following charges apply for CRT TVs/monitors: less than 19" – $20.00; greater than 19" – $40.00. Please see our Electronic (E-waste) division for a complete list of materials that we accept or see our Waste Disposal Guide.

Do you pay for cardboard and glass?

We do not buy consumer glass or cardboard. For industrial quantities, please contact us for more information about the recycling of large quantities of these materials.

Is window pane glass recyclable?

Window glass is different from household glass and containers. Window glass is often coated or tinted. Also, depending on the application where it's used, it could be laminated or tempered glass. Consequently, the many different types of window glass cannot be combined in the recycling process. Because of these factors, window glass is considered to be construction debris, which we charge a $20.00 minimum or $55.00 per ton to dump in our construction debris scrapyard at the recycling center.

I missed my recycling pickup. Can I bring it down, and if so, do I have to sort it?  

Yes, you can bring it to the Recycling Center, but it must be sorted and placed in the appropriate bins.

Do you take propane bottles?

Yes, as long as the valves are taken off. We will purchase this as steel.

What time do you stop taking large loads of steel and construction debris in your scrap yard?

Our yard is open at 8:00 am and closes at 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, and from 8:00 am to 11:30 am on Saturday. Plan to arrive at Howie's in plenty of time to be able to dump and leave the facility by these closing times.

Are there any regulations about selling scrap materials in the State of Kansas?

For specific information about the sale of non-ferrous materials, please refer to our policies, as new laws went into effect in July 2020, that govern our purchase of these materials.

Do you have a state-certified scale?

Yes, we have a certified scale across the street from our Business Office, at 626 S. 10th Street. Anyone can use our scale services and receive an official weigh ticket. Simply pull on the scale facing East, stay in your vehicle, and call us at (785) 776-8352 to let us know that you need to be weighed (detailed instructions and map). We'll weigh you, and then you can drive across the street to pick up the ticket pay the fee. The fee is $10.00 minimum for credit/debit transactions (which includes two weighs), or $5 cash or check for one weigh.

What is the exact address for Howie's Enterprises / Howie's Trash Service / Howie's Recycling? 

625 South  10th Street
Manhattan, KS  66502
Google Maps

What are the exact delivery/pickup directions I need to get in and get out efficiently for this load?

See our Receiving, Shipping, and Loading Guide for all the information you will need about Howie's procedures.

What are the hours for pickup and delivery?

Our hours for pickup and delivery are Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.

What types of e-waste do you take, and does it cost anything to drop it off?

We like to say that if it has a cord, we take it! Old computers, flat-screen monitors and TVs, TV boxes (satellite), game consoles, computer batteries, printers, phones, cd players, toasters, vacuums, etc., are all free to drop off. If you're not sure, please call us at (785) 776-8352 or see our Waste Disposal Guide 

What about CRT TVs and desktop monitors?

Please bring them to our Recycling Center for disposal. There is no charge for flat-screen TVs. The following charges apply for CRT TVs/monitors: less than 19" – $20.00; greater than 19" – $40.00. Please see our Electronic (E-waste) division for a complete list of materials that we accept, or see our Waste Disposal Guide

Where is the bin for e-waste at Howie's?

The e-waste bin is on the wall beside the office in the Recycling Center. If you can't find it, ask one of our warehousemen or office staff who will direct you in the right direction.

Should I be concerned about the data on my old computer?

Teknix Solutions, our e-waste recycling division, ensures that their certified equipment handlers take every precaution to guarantee that all data has been eliminated before further processing. All equipment we receive is securely destroyed or wiped clean using NIST SP 800-88 standards. A certified Destruction Report is available upon request. However, we also encourage all customers to take precautions for destroying all data on hard drives before bringing it to Howie's for recycling for peace of mind.

How does the recycling process work? Where do my electronics go?

Around 98% of items that come into our facility are recyclable. These items are sorted and then dismantled into base components. Pieces that cannot be recycled are physically destroyed. Some components are re-used in our facility to refurbish or repair devices. Other parts are sold and shipped to various locations across the US, where they eventually get broken down into precious metals (copper, silver, aluminum, etc.).

Do you offer refurbished devices for sale?

Yes, we do. These are rebuilt devices from components that were reclaimed through the recycling process. Before being repurposed and resold, a refurbished device is examined for broken or malfunctioning parts, fully repaired; and thoroughly inspected for performance and quality. Refurbished devices may have some minor cosmetic blemishes. We sell these devices online and through our showroom at 515 S. 8th Street, Manhattan, KS. Our entire available product line can be viewed online.

Do refurbished devices come with a warranty?

All refurbished devices come with a 30-day warranty. If it doesn't work correctly or isn't what you expected, you can bring it back. No questions asked. New components used to repair devices may come with a more extended warranty.

Does Howie's work with businesses or organizations that have large quantities of e-waste? 

Absolutely. We are very willing to work with all community groups, school districts, businesses, government agencies, landfills, and other individuals who have bulk e-waste. Depending on the quantity and quality of materials, we can often set up a purchasing program whereby we pay for large lots of obsolete equipment. Contact Teknix Solutions at (785) 313-1881 or visit us at teknixsolutions.com for more information.

When will my trash be picked up since my normal trash day is on a holiday?

As a family-owned business, we support our employees by providing them time off to celebrate the holidays with their families. Balancing this with the tremendous responsibility of maintaining the highest level of quality service is of the utmost importance to us.

To ensure that our customers know of any service changes due to a holiday, we release a Holiday Schedule no later than two weeks before any major holiday. This schedule is available in multiple forms of communication:

  • Howie's app notification
  • Posted on our website on our Pickup Schedule
  • Posted on our social media (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Emailed to all affected customers for whom we have an email address

If you have any questions or need clarification, please call us at (785) 776-8352, and we will be glad to help you.

Can Howie's do a demolition project?

Yes, we do demolition! Houses, barns, sheds, garages, large and small buildings, and apartments. Please call our office to be connected with our experienced demolition team.

I am doing my own demolition project and need roll-off dumpsters to haul the debris. Can you all provide this for me?

Yes. You may request a quote for the dumpsters you need to dispose of your debris

Or call us at (785) 776-8352 to get everything set up for your haul-away needs.

Does Howie's help support community organizations and projects?

Yes, Howie's is a proud community partner. Our goal is to support local organizations and agencies that provide support for others in our area. If you have a project or event that you would like help with, contact us, and we'll provide you with an opportunity to apply for support. We cannot do it all, but we're willing to listen and help if it's something that meets our criteria. Call us at (785) 776-8352 or email us to find out how to request support with your project.