To our Valued Customers

Effective May 1, 2022, all customers will begin to receive a fuel surcharge according to the Howie’s Fuel Surcharge Table.  This table is based on the diesel fuel price provided by our retail supplier, Capital City Oil, on the closest business day to the 25th of the prior month.

It is one of our goals to continue to provide Howie’s quality of service to all our customers and we appreciate your continued patronage during these uncertain times.

How We Calculate Your Monthly Surcharge

  1. Based on the daily quoted fuel price on the 25th day of the month, we apply this amount to the chart to determine the percent surcharge.
  2. The percent surcharge is multiplied by the customer's base service rate to determine the final charge for the upcoming billing cycle.
  3. Example
    • A fuel quote of $4.65 equals a 5.40% surcharge
    • A customer with a base service rate of $90.00 multiplies this amount by 5.40%, to determine the added charge (in this case $4.86)
    • The total bill for this customer would be $94.86. ($90.00 base service rate, plus $4.86 fuel surcharge).
Aug 25, 2023 fuel price for September billing:   $4.01
Sept 25, 2023 fuel price for October billing: $4.18

pdfHowie's Fuel Surcharge Chart