What types of e-waste do you take, and does it cost anything to drop it off?

We like to say that if it has a cord, we take it! Old computers, flat-screen monitors and TVs, TV boxes (satellite), game consoles, computer batteries, printers, phones, cd players, toasters, vacuums, etc., are all free to drop off. If you're not sure, please call us at (785) 776-8352 or see our Waste Disposal Guide 

What about CRT TVs and desktop monitors?

Please bring them to our Recycling Center for disposal. There is no charge for flat-screen TVs. The following charge applies for all CRT TVs/monitors: $40.00. Please see our Electronic (E-waste) division for a complete list of materials that we accept, or see our Waste Disposal Guide

Where is the bin for e-waste at Howie's?

The e-waste bin is on the wall beside the office in the Recycling Center. If you can't find it, ask one of our warehousemen or office staff who will direct you in the right direction.

Should I be concerned about the data on my old computer?

Teknix Solutions, our e-waste recycling division, ensures that their certified equipment handlers take every precaution to guarantee that all data has been eliminated before further processing. All equipment we receive is securely destroyed or wiped clean using NIST SP 800-88 standards. A certified Destruction Report is available upon request. However, we also encourage all customers to take precautions for destroying all data on hard drives before bringing it to Howie's for recycling for peace of mind.

How does the recycling process work? Where do my electronics go?

Around 98% of items that come into our facility are recyclable. These items are sorted and then dismantled into base components. Pieces that cannot be recycled are physically destroyed. Some components are re-used in our facility to refurbish or repair devices. Other parts are sold and shipped to various locations across the US, where they eventually get broken down into precious metals (copper, silver, aluminum, etc.).

Do you offer refurbished devices for sale?

Yes, we do. These are rebuilt devices from components that were reclaimed through the recycling process. Before being repurposed and resold, a refurbished device is examined for broken or malfunctioning parts, fully repaired; and thoroughly inspected for performance and quality. Refurbished devices may have some minor cosmetic blemishes. We sell these devices online and through our showroom at 515 S. 8th Street, Manhattan, KS. Our entire available product line can be viewed online.

Do refurbished devices come with a warranty?

All refurbished devices come with a 30-day warranty. If it doesn't work correctly or isn't what you expected, you can bring it back. No questions asked. New components used to repair devices may come with a more extended warranty.

Does Howie's work with businesses or organizations that have large quantities of e-waste? 

Absolutely. We are very willing to work with all community groups, school districts, businesses, government agencies, landfills, and other individuals who have bulk e-waste. Depending on the quantity and quality of materials, we can often set up a purchasing program whereby we pay for large lots of obsolete equipment. Contact Teknix Solutions at (785) 313-1881 or visit us at teknixsolutions.com for more information.