Why wasn't my trash picked up?

  • Your trash was not out early enough (please have it out by 5 am)
  • It's a holiday, or there is extremely bad weather that prevents our trucks from reaching your house
  • There is a past due balance on your account. Please call us or use Bill Pay to make payment online.
  • We made a mistake.
  • There is something in your tote that we can't take.

Can you pick up really large items or large piles of trash that I have at my house?

Yes, you can call us to request a quote, but we will need a picture of what you need to be picked up. For your convenience, you may request a special pickup online. You can describe and upload a photo of the item to be picked up so we can provide an accurate quote to you.

Do you have a list of things you can't pick up?

Following is a list of common things we get asked about. We cannot take these materials in the residential trash:

  • Tires: Take them to Riley County Transfer Station. They will charge $4.50 per tire.
  • Hazardous Materials (paint, chemicals, oil, fuel, etc.): In general, anything that's liquid. Bring these materials to our Recycling Center on the second Saturday of the month or to the Riley County Hazardous Waste Facility (more information).
  • Railroad Ties: Take them to the Riley County Transfer Station and more information.

What about appliances?

We accept appliances at our Recycling Center. See our Recycling Center about the material we accept or our Waste Disposal Guide for more information. 

What about TVs and electronic waste?

CRT TVs/monitors cannot be picked up on the curb. Please bring them to our Recycling Center for disposal. There is no charge for flat-screen TVs. The following charge applies for CRT TVs/monitors: $40.00. Please see our Electronic (E-waste) division for a complete list of materials that we accept or refer to our Waste Disposal Guide for more information.

Why are there extra charges on my invoice?

You may have two bags in addition to your tote for weekly pickup at no extra fee. You will see additional charges on your invoice if you have additional bags or other large items that were picked up (i.e., mattresses, grills, or furniture). Please contact us if you will have extra bulk to be picked up, and we can quote you a price ahead of time. You can do this by calling our office or requesting a quote online.

How do I suspend, cancel, or relocate my service?

If you are going out of town for a while and do not need service while you are gone, we can put you on a Vacation Hold. We won't stop at your house, and we won't charge you while you're gone. Just let us know when you're going to be back in town, and we'll resume your service with no extra charges. To suspend, relocate, or cancel your service, please call our office or submit your request online.

What if I lose my trash or recycling tote in the wind?

Please give it a couple of days to see if it turns up. If not, please give us a call. It is $75.00 to replace a lost or stolen tote. But, we know it gets windy and stormy in Kansas, and we do our best to accommodate our customers.